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NARD Salvation Army Savings

North American Restoration Dry Cleaners are highly experienced and skilled fabricare specialists dedicated to the restoration of garments, textiles and soft goods that have been affected by loss.  North American Restoration Dry Cleaners, located throughout the United States are the leaders in restoration dry cleaning in their markets. As a group, North American Restoration Dry Cleaners have dedicated themselves to standardized processes and to Responsibly Restore only those items deemed affected and wanted by the insured. Our standardization process saves the insurance company time and money while guaranteeing the highest quality of restoration dry cleaning and strongest dedication to customer service that the industry has ever seen.


By joining forces, our members have developed and implemented these standardized promises to assure consistent procedures with each and every claim.

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September 19th 2013

Kansas City, MO - NARD will be hosting their Annual General Meeting at The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center, September 19th through 21st.  Arrow Fire & Water Restoration Dry Cleaners will be hosting a plant tour on Friday the 20th.  

NARD will be meeting with prospective members on Thursday, September 19th.  If joining NARD has ever piqued your interest, NOW is the time to act.  Our rapidly growing network and successes leave only a small number of territories unclaimed.  

For more information about available geographies and membership qualifications contact North American Restoration Dry Cleaners (NARD) at (877) 630-NARD (6273) or